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Hair Density 101 - Everything To Know About It

What is Hair Density? How To Measure & Improve Hair Density

By Dove India

Beyond Thin Strands: Embracing the Beauty of Diverse Hair Density

Do you also wish to have thicker and fuller hair that speaks vitality and health, just like your favourite celebrity in a shampoo and conditioner commercial? If so, there are countless women out there desiring the same. Often influenced by genetics, hormones, age, and overall health, maintaining hair density goes beyond control. However, there are a few proactive steps you can take to boost your hair growth and achieve optimal hair density.

Are you wondering how to measure your density for hair and increase it for desired results amidst your busy schedule? Worry not! Whether you are aiming for thicker hair strands or simply want to enhance your overall appearance, following a few simple, proven steps and suggestions can take you on the journey to obtain your dream mane.

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What is Hair Density

Hair density highlights the number of hair strands an individual has on their scalp in a specific area. It is usually measured by counting the number of hairs per square inch. Further, hair density significantly varies among different people and is influenced by multiple factors.

Equipping yourself with the information on your hair density is crucial to determining the care and styling. It largely influences the selection of hairstyles, hair care products, hairstyling tools and hair treatments.

Thin Strands or Sparse Growth: Distinguish Hair Density from Thickness

Do you also believe that there is no difference between hair density and hair thickness? Well, you are not alone. While they are linked, they represent varied aspects of hair growth and structure. Let’s navigate through the differences for a better understanding:

Hair density commonly refers to the number of hair follicles present on the scalp in a specific area, whereas hair thickness is the diameter of each hair strand.

1. Hair density is significantly influenced by age, hormones, genetics, and health, while hair thickness is determined by genetics and lifestyle.

2. Hair density is divided into three categories: low, medium, and high. On the other hand, hair thickness ranges from fine to medium to coarse

A common misconception many individuals have is that thick hair means high density. That's not true. For instance, you may have more hair on your scalp per square inch, but there is a possibility that each of the strands could have a fine texture. Similarly, low density doesn’t mean fine thickness.

Find Your Hair Density Identity: Decode Types

Hair density, usually overlooked in discussions about hair health and hairstyling products, plays a crucial role in determining the volume and overall appearance of your locks. However, it is significant to categorise your hair based on the different types of hair density. The types include:

Low Hair Density: Low hair density means a fewer number of strands on the scalp per square inch. Featuring a more sparse appearance, this hair density makes the scalp visible more prominently without any partitions. Individuals with low-density hair might find it difficult to achieve voluminous looks using hair styling products.

Medium Hair Density: Individuals with medium hair density are blessed with a balanced amount of hair strands on the scalp, delivering optimal coverage without being too sparse or too crowded. This type of hair has the advantage of achieving multiple hairstyles, and a large variety of hair care products can be considered to manage them.

High Hair Density: High hair density features a large number of counts per square inch on the scalp. People with high density have thick and fuller locks. With the right products, like hair serums, it can be styled into any glamorous look that exudes refinement.

How to Measure Hair Density ?

Measuring the hair density is pivotal to selecting the best hair care products for strands. But how do you do that? Well, simply follow the below steps as mentioned for accurate results.

Step 1: Use a comb and divide the scalp into various sections, delivering clear room for precise measurements.

Step 2: Review your scalp in the mirror under a bright light to check the visibility of the scalp. You can also use a magnifying glass as well.

Step 3: If you have long hair, tie it into a ponytail and calculate its circumference.

Results: If your scalp is highly visible without parting or your ponytail measures less than 2 inches, you have low hair density. Whereas if your scalp is somewhat visible and your ponytail measures between 2 to 3 inches, then you have medium-density hair. Fortunately, if your scalp is hardly or not visible at all and your ponytail measures more than 3 inches, you have high-density hair.

The Density Dose: Boost Hair Density for Voluminous Locks

Hair care is not an overnight ritual. It needs dedication, commitment, and consistency to adopt a wholesome diet and lifestyle. Wondering how to enhance hair density? Here are a few valuable tips for improving hair density

1. Invest in High-Quality, Suitable Products

Were born with high hair density, but it decreased over time? There is a likelihood that you are using low-quality hair care products with ingredients that are not suitable for your hair type. A few ingredients, such as sodium chloride and synthetic fragrances in hair care products, may reduce hair density, leading to multiple hair concerns. But the best part is gentle shampoos and conditioners have active fibres, keratin, zinc, biotin, collagen, and more. Supplemented with nourishing properties, they may strengthen your hair while increasing hair density and growth.

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2. Add Gentle Scalp Massage to Hair Care Routine

Delight your hair with a gentle and soothing head massage to release stress and boost blood circulation to achieve stronger hair follicles, thus increasing hair density. Regular brushing also helps to circulate the natural oils to protect hair from damage equally and encourages them to grow. Further, to improve the lifelike sheen of your charming locks, you can add Dove Daily Shine Shampoo along with hair oil that's infused with the goodness of nourishing agents that instantly absorb and penetrate the core of the hair.

Beyond Roots: Products That Foster Hair Density Growth

Selecting the right products for your hair strands can work wonders. Transform your hair routine by adding a complete range of Dove Intense Repair Treatments. It is formulated with bio-protein, which nourishes your hair while reducing the split ends. It penetrates deeply to strengthen strands and reduce breakage, boosting denser-looking hair. In addition, you can try Dove Hair Defining Gel, which locks in moisture and reduces frizz, delivering a lustrous and healthy mane.

In a Nutshell

So, first thing first, if you are aiming for healthy locks, start by assessing your hair density and texture and accordingly tailor your approach. Adopt effective strategies to enhance the density of hair, such as creating a personalised hair care routine using suitable products. Lastly, always remember that consistency is key to achieving voluminous, soft strands. Get a boost for better hair days ahead!


1. How does hair density affect hair care?

Hair density can influence your selection of hair products and styling techniques. For example, if you have low hair density, you would require lightweight products to add volume; however, high-density or curly hair may require conditioner and mask to manage hair locks.

2. Can hair density affect my hair colour?

Yes, hair density can impact the appearance of your hair colour. If you have low hair density, the hair colour may appear more vibrant as compared to high hair density.

3. Are there any vitamins that can improve hair density?

Yes, vitamin D can significantly improve your hair's health and growth.

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