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Proven Tips To Get Frizz Free & Smooth Hair

Guide On Frizzy Hair Care, Get Rid Of Frizzy Hair Easily

By Dove India

Go Frizz-Free: Unlocking the Secrets to Smooth Tresses

Frizzy hair may seem challenging to manage, but remember, its not impossible!

Is your hair appearing dry and looking more frizzy? Well, the prime reason behind that would be a lack of nourishment.But don't worry, you are not alone. Often, to retain moisture, the cuticles of dry hair expand, making your tresses wavy and unruly. So, if you want to achieve smooth and frizz-free locks, it is important to curate a frizzy hair care routine.

Are you wondering how to go about it while considering your hectic schedule? Some time-tested, simple tips can work wonders. Following some easy suggestions can help keep the frizz at bay, bringing nourishment and natural shine to your strands.

Evaluating Root Problem: Top 3 Reasons for Frizzy Hair

Thinking about why your tresses have become brittle and do not align together? Well, they are giving you a hard time for several reasons. But if you want to find the main cause of frizzy hair, read to know whats going wrong:

1. Avoiding Oiling

Managing frizzy hair becomes even more difficult when you don't oil it regularly. This deprives your strands of all the required nutrients. Regularly applying the right oil helps seal the cuticles, thus retaining the natural moisturisation. However, when you are inconsistent in oiling your scalp, your frizzy hair care routine goes for a toss, causing dryness and dullness.

2. Several Environmental Factors

Continuous exposure to several environmental factors, like humidity, UV rays, dust and pollution, extreme temperatures, etc., can make frizz-free hair treatments more difficult. Wondering why? They are major factors contributing to the problem in the first place! Even chlorinated water can affect the smoothness of your strands, making them frizzy. Thus, when curating a frizzy hair care routine, consider these factors

3. Overwashing

While scalp hygiene is important, regulating the washing frequency is equally crucial for frizzy hair care. However, that depends on the hair type and needs. Multiple washes can strip the strands of the required hydration and natural oils. Thus making them rough and more susceptible to humidity, causing frizz.

Fight the Frizz: 3 Effective Tips for Silky Tresses

Are you hunting for tips on how to get rid of frizzy hair permanently? Here are some suggestions that will surely help establish great results:

1. Picking the Right Hair Care Products

When you want the best hair care for frizzy hair, prioritise buying gentle shampoos and conditioners that soothe your scalp and do not strip it of hydration. Also, ensure they are sulphate and paraben-free, which will help reduce dryness. In addition, you can use the Dove 10-in-1 Deep Repair Mask for smooth tresses.

2. Maintaining a Healthy Diet

Your dietary habits can dictate the health of your hair. Ensure that you consume all the right nutrients in ideal proportions. For instance, consume foods with vitamins A, E, zinc, and iron. This will simplify frizzy hair care by boosting your follicles strength and lustre. Remember, a nourished scalp can produce healthy oils that help reduce frizz.

3. Exercising Regularly

If you want hair treatment for frizzy hair, start incorporating relevant and regular exercises into your routine. Enhanced blood circulation improves resilience against breakage and frizz. And what's more? Sweat oozing from the scalp while exercising helps open clogged follicles, promoting uniform natural oil distribution from roots to tips.

Taking Frizzy Hair Care a Notch Up: Tips For Styling Dry Tresses

Having frizzy hair does not mean you give up on styling them! All you must do is proceed with caution. Thus, here are some tips you must follow when styling dry locks:

1. Moisturise Before Styling

Before styling, wash your tresses and remember to apply a moisturising conditioner. It deeply hydrates your hair and makes it manageable, helping you tame the frizz. Make this conditioner an integral part of your frizzy hair care routine. Further, you can use Dove Curling Gel if you wish to have defined curls.

2. Use Heat Protectants

Often, heat from styling equipment like blow-dryers, flat and curling irons and electric rollers can cause damage to dry hair. Thus, it will be smart to use frizz solutions like Dove UV Protect Hair serum. Also, keep the hair styling equipment's heat temperature low to minimise frizz.

3. Avoid Harsh Chemical Treatments

Colouring or dyeing the hair is often a popular styling technique. However, the use of harsh chemicals in the dyes and colours can disrupt strand texture. Thus, ensure you use the ones that exclude harmful chemicals, offering a seamless frizzy hair care solution.

Best Recommendations for Dry and Frizzy Hair

Investing in the right products can work like magic on dry and frizzy hair. However, if you are looking only for the best, try your hands on Dove Hair Masks. Featuring the power of bio-protein, these are formulated scientifically to offer deep nourishment to your hair and improve its bounce. Moreover, they reduce split ends, revive the natural shine and aid the disentanglement of tresses. Following the use of these masks, you will witness visible results that leave your hair super soft, leading to reduced frizz and seamless styling.

Wrapping Up

If you are looking for solutions on how to fix frizzy hair, ensure you first know the cause of the problems. Every individual is unique. Thus, the root cause of dryness may differ from person to person. So, first, identify the problem before proceeding with a solution. Use the tips to prevent frizz and style your tresses by following certain precautions. Curate a frizzy hair care routine and consistently stick to it for silky, smooth results. Get ready to say hello to more good hair days.


1. Does hair straightening remove the frizz?

Hair straightening may temporarily remove frizz, smoothing the cuticles. However, frequent use of heated straighteners will damage the strands. Thus, choosing the right products would be safer for frizzy hair care.

2. When should you consider visiting a dermatologist if having frizzy hair?

When you start experiencing an itchy scalp or flakiness with frizzy hair, you must consider visiting a dermatologist. They can help find the root cause and recommend personalised treatments.

3. Which ingredient is a must in the best shampoos for frizzy hair?

If you want frizzy-free hair, choose products like Dove shampoos enriched with niacinamide. It helps seal the moisture in your strands, thus enhancing smoothness and reducing frizz.


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