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Master The Art of Applying Deodorant Effectively

Guide On How To Apply Deodorant To Stay Fresh All Day

By Dove India

Learn How to Apply Deodorant to Get Most Out of It

A deodorant has indeed become an indispensable part of everyone's morning routine. No matter how much you are in a hurry for your work, you can't imagine leaving without a quick spritz of your favourite deodorant. But when using this body care essential, have you ever wondered whether you are applying it the right way? To achieve the desired results, a deodorant must be used correctly for that perfect refreshing effect. Here, we have mentioned all the important steps and tips on how to apply deodorant effectively. So, boost your hygiene routine by understanding the proper application technique on how do you apply deodorant or body spray!

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What is a Deodorant?

A deodorant is a skincare product that enables sweat or salt-based fluid to pass freely through the skin pores. It makes use of antimicrobial and absorbent elements that help reduce the odour-causing bacteria. The main purpose of a deodorant is to mask the body odour and provide a soothing fragrance. However, there are some deodorants that not only minimise the foul smell but also reduce sweat, such as antiperspirants. For instance, Dove Antiperspirant Deodorant, Original, provides 48 hours of long-lasting odour protection and a sweet, pleasant, subtle scent.

A Step-by-Step Guide on How to Apply Deodorant

For the best results, have a look at the easy, simple steps that revolve around how to apply deo mentioned below. Be sure to follow them correctly to achieve fresh, odourless skin!

Step 1: Prep the Skin

Do you know that pure sweat never smells bad? The foul smell actually comes from the bacteria on the body that gets mixed with the sweat. So, you need to first get rid of all the germs and bacteria from your body before applying a deodorant. Take a mild exfoliating shower gel and gently remove the accumulated oil, dust and debris from the skin. Then rinse it off thoroughly.

Step 2: Dry Your Body

One common mistake that you might be making in your hygiene routine could be instantly using the deodorant after coming from the shower. This can make the product less effective. So, make sure to dry your body completely before applying deodorant. Pat your underarms dry with a soft towel, and then proceed further.

Step 3: Moisturise with a Body Lotion

Take a small amount of your body lotion and apply it to your underarms so that it can soak all the goodness from the deodorant. Using a body lotion like Dove Love Supple Body Lotion nourishes the skin and also helps in the better hold of antiperspirant products. Its Nutri-duo formula goes beyond the surface and reaches 10 layers deep into the skin to give a wholesome moisturising finish.

Step 4: Apply the Deodorant

It's the time for the star of the show- your deodorant. When using an aerosol deodorant, be sure to give it a good shake so that all the ingredients get mixed together to offer you the best. Spritz the deodorant from approximately 15 cm from your underarm. You do not need to cover yourself up in a blurry cloud. A short, sharp spray will be enough.

Now comes, how to apply deodorant roll on. If using a roll-on, like Dove Original Roll-on Antiperspirant Deodorant, an alcohol-free formula that leaves underarms visibly softer and smoother, apply 4-6 swipes of it over each underarm for an even coverage.  

Step 5:  Wait Before Getting Dressed Up

After applying the deodorant, wait for a few minutes until it gets dried up. This additional step will prevent the product from leaving its mark on the clothes. This way, you can easily avoid the unwanted white stains on your outfit of the day.

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What is the Best Time to Apply a Deodorant?

You might think the best time to apply a deodorant is when you sweat or feel sticky. But that's not true. Apart from using deodorants after taking a shower. The next best time to apply a deodorant must be at night before going to bed. At this time, the temperature of the body goes down, and the sweat glands also tend to take a nap. As a result, you are less likely to perspire when sleeping. This gives the body sufficient time to absorb all the good qualities of the deodorant and be fragrant the next day.

Top Recommendation to Feel and Smell Pleasant & Fresh!

If dark underarms and bad odour are your concerns, then you have to check out Dove  Eventone Deodorant Roll on. This 0% alcohol and paraben-free formula is powered with the goodness of moisturising cream natural caring oil that reduces the signs of damage to your underarms and minimises dark patches on the skin. Offering a sweet, floral fragrance, it promises to give long-lasting protection from sweat and odour. Just a few glides of this roll-on will help you prevent the foul smell and will keep your skin happier and healthier.

Wrapping Up!

How to apply deo spray may seem a simple task, but doing it accurately can be a game-changer for your grooming routine. No matter what kind of deodorant you use, be it a spray or roll-on, the steps mentioned above will help you attain the most effective results. So, without further delay, follow these tips on how to apply deodorant and stay cool and rejuvenated throughout the day!


1. How often should I reapply a deodorant in a day?

Deodorants usually come with 48-hour protection and thus minimise the need to apply it again and again. However, if you tend to sweat a lot, you can change the frequency accordingly.

2. Where do you apply deodorant?

A deodorant is usually applied on the underarms, the body part most prone to sweat. Remember to read the instructions on the product’s packaging to be aware of its ideal usage. 

3. Can we apply deodorant to clothes?

It is suggested not to apply a deodorant spray or roll-on on your clothes as they are typically meant for the skin and will show their effective results only when used on clean, dry and well-moisturised body parts.

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