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Body Spray vs Deodorant: What's the Difference?

Find Out The Difference Between Body Spray And Deodorants

By Dove India

Body Spray vs Deodorant: What is the Difference?

In the quest to smell great and refresh the entire day, you might have stumbled upon products like body sprays and deodorants, thinking that they do the same job. However, in reality, that's not true. While both of them come with a pleasant fragrance, body sprays do not minimise sweating, just like deodorants do. So, if you want to know which one is more suitable for your specific body care needs, then continue ready to decode the difference between body spray and deo. This information will take your hygiene routine to a whole new level!

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Odour-fighting Product: Discover Everything About a Deodorant

A deodorant comes with absorbent and antimicrobial properties that help to control body odour by reducing the formation of bacteria-causing odour. Providing a mesmerising scent, it masks the bad smell of sweat and helps you stay cool and hygienic for hours. When discussing deodorants, do not confuse them with antiperspirants, as there is a significant difference between a deodorant and an antiperspirant. While deodorant helps to minimise the odour of the sweat, an antiperspirant works to control sweat production. However, there are some deodorants that offer both features, like Dove Original Roll-on Deodorant, enabling long-lasting odour and sweat protection. 

Fragrance-Spritz- Discover Everything About a Body Spray

Body sprays or mists offer instant hydration with a quick burst of fruity or floral fragrance. Incorporating extracts like herbs, oils, and spices combined with water and alcohol, they act as low-concentrated versions of perfumes. Primarily made to smell good, they create a refreshing and pleasant aura.

Unveiling the Difference between Deo and Body Spray

If you are still confused between deo spray vs body spray, no worries. We have mentioned all the key differences between the both as follows:

1. Purpose

Deodorants are specifically formulated to reduce the odour-causing bacteria and thus minimise the foul smell. On the other hand, body sprays are majorly fragrance-based products that are made with perfume oils to work as lightweight alternatives for perfumes and strong fragrances.

2. Ingredients

A deodorant consists of sweat-neutralising ingredients and active salt that plugs the sweat ducts. It also includes a subtle scent that helps to mask the unpleasant smell while its moisturising and hydrating components nourish the skin. On the other hand, body sprays primarily comprise fragrance and alcohol. The concentration of fragrance is higher in body sprays or mists than in deodorants.

3. Formulation

Deodorants come in different formulations, including roll-on, sprays, stick, gel-based, etc. Out of these, the most common ones are the roll-on and spray formulas, given their effective application and coverage. In the case of body sprays, they are usually aerosol-based and are available in regular spray bottles.

Deodorant Spray vs Body Spray: When Should You Apply?

For the perfect shield against unpleasant, foul sweat smell, apply your deodorant spray after taking a shower with a body wash to get rid of all the dirt, dust, and oil from the body. It will prep your skin and will make it ready to absorb all the potent properties of the deodorant. It is suggested that you opt for a deep-cleansing shower gel like Dove Exfoliating Body Wash. The presence of exfoliating beads gently washes away the dead cells while the mild cleansers go upto 3 layers deep, ensuring 24 hours of hydrating and moisturised skin. After cleansing the body, make sure to dry it out completely with a soft towel. Then, take your deodorant spray and spritz from a 15 cm distance from your underarms for even coverage.

If your main aim is to embrace a breezy-cool fragrant smell, then choose a body spray and spritz it over the pulse points of your body, including wrists, collarbone and behind your ears. Unlike deos, it is suggested that the body spray be applied immediately after taking a shower to get the most out of the product. You can apply body spray on your clothes as well.

Best Products to Kick the Odour Out & Welcome Pure, Sweet Aura!

Who says you have to compromise by choosing between body mist vs deo when you can enjoy the benefits of both worlds with Dove Original Antiperspirant Deodorant? It is a 0% alcohol and paraben-free formula that minimises the odour as well as sweat for a guaranteed 48 hours. Being dermatologist-tested, it is completely safe and can be used for all skin types. The inclusion of moisturising cream ensures even and smoother underarms after a single spritz. You can also get this product in a roll-on formulation packed with the same beneficial properties.

In a Nutshell

When talking about an ideal hygiene routine, it is important to be familiar with the difference between body mist and deo to cater to your specific body needs. Deodorants offer trustworthy everyday protection from odour and sweat, while body sprays work similarly to perfumes, giving a scent boost. By understanding these distinct functions of body spray vs deodorant spray, you can select what complements your lifestyle the best. 


1. Body perfume vs deodorant: What is the difference between the two?

A perfume is a scented liquid which is particularly crafted to provide a pleasant fragrance. On the other hand, a deodorant possessing antimicrobial benefits helps mask bad odour by fighting the bacteria present in the body.

2. Can a deodorant brighten the darkened underarms?

Yes, it can. Some deodorants come with essential oils and nutrients that help to minimise the dark patches on the underarms, making them brighter and smoother. So, you can definitely trust a deodorant for achieving an even skin tone for armpits.

3. How can I avoid white marks from deodorants?

White stains or marks are common concerns of people using a deodorant. However, you can avoid these by taking the right measures. Remember to wait for a few minutes before putting the clothes on and make sure that the deodorant gets fully dried out. This will not allow the product to leave its mark on your outfit.

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